Call And Response founder Ian F Martin's book about the Japanese music scene Quit Your Band! Musical Notes from the Japanese Underground came out in November 2016 from Awai Books, followed by a Japanese edition in 2017 from P-Vine/ele-king Books. An English audiobook version, narrated by the author, is now available.

QYB! (print/Kindle) at Awai Books


QYB! Audiobook at Audible

The Audiobook version also features an exclusive Call And Response sampler mix, featuring music the label has released over the past decade and more. You can see the track list below:

1. エンゼルフィッシュ / Angel Fish - 百蚊 / Hyacca
    From the mini-album 刺したい / Sashitai
2. 祈り / Inori - 泣き顔ツインテール / Nakigao Twintail
    From the mini-album イチジク / Ichijiku

3. 死ぬって言ったじゃん~まだ生きてんじゃん~ / Shinutte Ittajan ~ Mada Iki Tenjan - 地盤沈下 / Zibanchinka
    From the album 発売中止 / Hatsubai Chushi
4. Frontal Lobe - illMilliliter

    From the mini-album New Standard
5. Machiawase Basho wo Kimete Oko (Mir cover) - Lo-shi

    From the album Ninjin
6. だましているのさ / Damashiteirunosa - Mir

    From the mini-album This Tiny World
7. Satellite - Looprider

    From the mini-album My Electric Fantasy

8. ワクワク / Wakuwaku - 白痴 / Hakuchi

    From the album チンドンDING DONG! ~ みのくるいマーチ ~ / CHINDON DING DONG! ~ MINOKURUI MARCH ~

9. Banana Tips - P-iPLE

    From the mini-album Do Do Do A Silly Travel By Bicycle Bicycle

10. Deacon Punk - Jebiotto

    From the mini-album Love Song Duet

11. Musasabi - mechaniphone

    From the EP Uholic

12. Tropical Secrets - Tropical Death

    From the cassette EP Modern Maze

13. Stick Around - SHARKK

    From the cassette EP SHARKK

14. Portrait Man - プラハデパート / Praha Depart

    From the EP Dot.

15. Mirror - Hysteric Picnic

    From the mini-album Cult Pops

16. 邂逅の音 / Kaigo no Oto - 経立 / Futtachi

    From the compilation album Dancing After 1AM

17. (Alan Turing's) Tuning Test - SEA LEVEL

    From the album Dictionary (Handwritten)

18. 舟と灯台 / Fune to Todai (Mir cover) - RIM

    From the compilation album Small Lights (A Tribute to Mir)

19. 夕暮れ漕ぎ海賊船 / Yugure kogi kaizoku-sen - The Students

    From the digital album The Students

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